NICE Adaptive Workforce Optimization

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Increase employee engagement. Improve customer service.

Your contact center is made up of a variety of characters. With NICE Adaptive WFO you can connect with them as individuals to ensure they’re fully engaged and motivated. And with more motivated agents, improved customer service will follow.

Find out why NICE was rated a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management

Meet the team

Understand your employees’ individual skills and preferences, so you can see where best to utilize them and how to help them develop.

“I’m an ideas factory!”

Character traits

Very enthusiastic and full of ideas – and they get results for the customer.

How AWFO can help

Gamification keeps them engaged and focused on their KPIs.

“I’ll take the night shift”

Character traits

Very industrious, but not great at thinking on their feet.

How AWFO can help

Providing personal objectives and tactical management goals to keep them engaged.

“Softly, softly is my style”

Character traits

Loves to chat, loved by customers, but not great at wrapping up calls.

How AWFO can help

Automatic performance scoring and real-time information to speed up call times.

“Adapt and survive!”

Character traits

Doesn’t like confrontations, so can be a bit of a pushover.

How AWFO can help

Optimized coaching and personalized training to improve their performance.

“I get things done”

Character traits

Likes to take charge and get things done, but can be a bit insensitive.

How AWFO can help

Personalized training and performance-based path recommendations.

The Key Benefits of Adaptive WFO

Happy employees,
happy customers

An engaged workforce is happier, more productive and more focused. With people like this in your team, the customers will reap the benefits.

Every reason to
stick around

By engaging employees in meaningful ways, they’ll be more motivated and less likely to leave. As a result, you can reduce agent attrition and maintain a strong workforce.

Bring stability to
your workforce

When employees stick around, you’ll need fewer new hires. That means less expenditure on recruitment, less onboarding, and a more experienced team.

See how it works

Find out more about Adaptive WFO from NICE. Watch a demonstration of how it works, from engaging contact center agents to analyzing their skills and abilities, so you can assign them to the most suitable roles and tasks.

Losing and replacing an agent can cost you as much as $20,000

On average 35% of contact center staff quit every year

For a contact center with 1,000 agents, that's a $7 million bill

Adaptive WFO eBook

Find out everything you need to know about Adaptive WFO, from engaging agents to analyzing metrics.

Gartner interview

Research Director, Jim Davies, discusses the importance of building agent personas and how it helps improve customer service.

Actually, you need somebody else

Find out why the best person for the job is not always who you think it is.

How to put AWFO to work

When agents needs are met on a personal level, then agents perform better, managers are free to achieve more and customers show greater satisfaction. Find out how.

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The Contact Squad

Contact centers are full of individuals with different skills and preferences. With NICE Adaptive WFO, you can help them play to their strengths and develop their abilities.