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Turn a bad day into a great day

Awkward silences. Failed presentations. Loss of credibility. When you can’t connect to the main screen, meetings go wrong. It can ruin your whole day. And have a knock-on effect for many of your colleagues.

Watch our series of videos as we show how ineffective meeting room tech creates bad days for everyone from the CEO to the IT and Facilities Managers. And see how ClickShare helps to turn those bad days around.

The IT Manager

Watch one IT Manager’s day go from bad to worse, all thanks to failing meeting room technology

The Boardroom

See what happens when one CEO tries to talk his way out of an embarrassing technical failure

The Workshop

Discover how rearranging meeting rooms with the wrong kind of technology leads to a real mess

ClickShare Brochure

With no training, no downloads and no IT support to worry about, ClickShare slashes trouble tickets and minimizes meeting room downtime.

Why choose ClickShare?

Standalone operation, not dependent on your network

Smooth video sharing (Up to 30fps)

Perfect simultaneous audio

Extended desktop and mirror mode supported

No software to download on laptop

Find the right ClickShare device


  • Meeting room type
  • Central management
  • Number of users on screen
  • Outputs
  • Moderation
  • Blackboarding & Annotation
  • Configurable security

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