Oracle Exadata X8M and online transaction processing

Performance, speed, and efficiency in one

Large organizations are under increasing pressure to manage complex business processes chains and adhere to rigoruous compliance—all while delivering a seamless, sophisticated customer experience.

To do this, they need systems that are fast, secure, and reliable—especially when it comes to managing their transactional data. That’s where online transaction processing (OLTP) comes in.

Why do we need OLTP?

What are the industry challenges?

Financial Services

Financial Services need to

  • Keep up with customers’ changing needs
  • Adhere to costly, ever-changing compliance

Industrial manufacturers

Industrial manufacturers need to

  • Keep up with the pace of global technological change
  • Innovate quickly without compromising on quality
  • Comply with sustainability standards

Public sector

Public sector need to

  • Manage increasingly complex city infrastructures
  • Create new work and life opportunities
  • Provide the right public services, quickly and conveniently


Retailers need to

  • Deliver personalized experiences to hyperconnected consumers
  • Monitor customers’ behavior and predict their needs
  • Track customer satisfaction and provide support

Communications businesses

Communications businesses need to

  • Differentiate customer experience to improve retention and acquisition
  • Process increasingly large amounts of data, faster
  • Compete with data-driven OTT providers

What is OLTP?

It’s a common data processing system that quickly and efficiently processes and stores high volumes of business transactions—such as online payments.

Oracle and OLTP

What’s so different?
The speed and efficiency of OLTP with the power and reliability of Oracle Exadata X8M.

Secure processing

  • Government-certified IT security at every layer
  • Fraud detection

End-to-end encryption at the Oracle Database level on Exadata, including backup to—and recovery from—the Recovery Appliance

Insightful processing

  • Big Data analysis to track and predict customer behavior
  • Generate consolidated reports, and quickly identify risks/opportunities

16 million IOPS 2.5x more than current X8

Faster processing

  • High-performance platform to enable fast implementations
  • Fast analysis to drive quick decision making

<19 microsecond latency processing multiple transactions

Inetlligent processing

  • Machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data
  • Analyze and prequalify data

350 GB per second of analytics scan bandwidth from SQL (an industry record)

Customer-focused processing

  • Big Data analysis, AI, and machine learning create personalized offers and services
  • Specialist SMART cities technologies to track and predict citizens’ needs

4.8million random 8K read IOPS with Exadata Smart Flash Cache

Consolidated processing

  • Centralized data platform
  • Process higher volumes of transactions from more connected devices
  • Decrease power consumption using recycled components

8 years or more expected endurance with state-of-the-art Flash memory technology

Connected processing

  • Big Data and business intelligence solutions offer visibility and accuracy
  • Track logistic, quality, amount, damages, and efficient delivery routes

10+ years experience building protected, secure data platforms

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