Top Three Reasons for Choosing Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance over Legacy Purpose-Built Backup Appliances

The traditional enterprise strategy of protecting Oracle Databases with generic Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBAs) is much more expensive and risky, and may fail to meet regulatory compliance. According to Wikibon Research, Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers substantially greater business value while reducing risks and cutting costs.

Greater Business Value

Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance increases business value because its unique features are co-engineered with Oracle Database. This reduces the chance of data loss from errors, outages, and ransomware.

Oracle Data Loss Recovery Appliance enables sub-second recovery point objectives, compared with up to 24 hours of data loss for legacy PBBAs.

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Faster backups and recoveries with lower database server overhead than legacy PBBAs enable more effective use of Oracle Database licenses.

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US$370 million more enterprise value created over four years than legacy PBBAs from less downtime, less lost revenue, and enhanced productivity.

Legacy PBBAs Cost More

The infrastructure and operational cost benefits of Oracle Data Loss Recovery Appliance increase with the size of the organization and the criticality of the Oracle Databases being protected.

The three-year hardware and software costs for legacy PBBAs are 21% more due to less database server efficiency and limited system scalability leading to sprawl.

Legacy PBBAs have up to 68% higher operational costs because sprawl leads to greater complexity and management overhead.


Legacy PBBAs cost US$3.4 million more to protect Oracle Databases for a US$5 billion global corporation.

Lower IT Complexity

Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance provides greater levels of co-engineered integration with Oracle Database, dramatically reducing database protection and recovery complexity, risk, and cost.

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Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance requires up to 5X fewer steps than legacy PBBAs to protect and restore mission-critical Oracle Databases, reducing the possibility of human errors.

Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has a less than 1% risk of recovery error compared to 25% for legacy PBBAs.

Unlike legacy PBBAs, Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance validates all backups with no overhead on database servers, eliminating faulty backups without slowing performance.

Rethink Legacy PBBAs for Oracle Database Protection

“We believe customers must rethink how they protect mission-critical Oracle Database environments. Specifically, by reducing the number of manual or scripted steps in the backup and recovery process, organizations can cut costs by 30-50% and reduce downtime costs by more than 40-50% relative to traditional backup approaches. Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the more viable data protection platform to achieve these goals.”

David Vellante, Co-founder and Chief Analyst, The Wikibon Project.