Key Oracle Engineered Systems Capabilities That May Assist with GDPR and Other Compliance Initiatives

“Far-reaching compliance requirements like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have the potential for heavy fines. So, it’s even more important that you reconsider how your organization addresses them. However, rethinking your IT strategies also offers an opportunity to dramatically improve performance and protection, as well as reduce costs for your Oracle Database environment.”

Christophe Bertrand, ESG Senior Analyst

Compliance is a Business Imperative

Regulations are ubiquitous and continuously changing, which makes it difficult for many organizations to establish a long-term compliance strategy. Senior managers everywhere are concerned about potential legal actions, fines, loss of business, and the impact on the public’s perception of their companies—and for good reason.


In the last five years, 43% of organizations have been audited and 33% have been audited six to 10 times

Graphics 65%

65% of the audited organizations have had at least one failure due to issues with data access or retention


68% of organizations say that GDPR has had an impact on their data protection strategy, and 73% say they need to invest to meet GDPR requirements

An Optimized IT Solution from Oracle Helps Your Compliance Efforts

“Oracle Exadata and Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance offer an attractive alternative to do-it-yourself deployments. Together, they provide an architecture designed for scalability, simplified management, improved cost of ownership, reduced downtime, zero data loss, and an increased ability to keep software updated with security and patching.”

Together, Oracle Exadata and Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance are:


  • Fastest way to run Oracle Database
  • Significantly lower backup overhead

More Secure

  • Smaller surface area of attack
  • Full lifecycle data encryption
  • Fast, solution-level patching

More agile

  • Easy to reallocate resources
  • Easy to upgrade to the cloud with three consumption models

More resilient

  • Proven, no single point of failure design
  • Enterprise-wide backup and retention with sub-second data loss exposure

Greater value

  • Fewer systems to acquire and manage
  • More production per software license
  • Reduces outage duration

10 Ways Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Database May Help with GDPR Compliance

It’s Time to Implement a Compliance Strategy for Oracle Database with an Integrated IT Approach

“GDPR offers opportunities to improve IT processes and strengthen security, backup/recovery, and even customer relationships. And it is with the maximizing of the gains from GDPR, while minimizing its pain, that Oracle Engineered Systems can provide impressive, differentiated capabilities.”

Christophe Bertrand, ESG Senior Analyst