Top Three Reasons for Choosing Oracle Exadata vs. Do-it-Yourself Infrastructure for Oracle Database

Oracle Exadata has changed the game for businesses running mission-critical database workloads with a high-performance, highly available converged infrastructure that is co-engineered with Oracle Database. Analysts from Wikibon Research have spoken with hundreds of Oracle Database customers over the past five years, and have identified three reasons why these customers selected Oracle Exadata.

Delivers Greater Business Value

Oracle Exadata increases business value because it decreases time to deployment, delivers superior performance compared to DIY infrastructure, and enables deeper customer insights.

Faster time to value with built-in automation, orchestration, and infrastructure management software speeds up Oracle Exadata deployment.

Better performance and lower latency with integrated high-performance networking and built-in IO and storage management software leads to improved performance and reduced latency.

Faster and deeper insights with database and storage servers work together to accelerate data-intensive workloads such as analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

DIY Infrastructure Costs More

By delivering extreme system performance, Oracle Exadata reduces capital expenditure and operational costs, so you get the most from Oracle Database licenses.

Graphics Prepare 53%

The lifetime costs of DIY infrastructure are 53% higher than the integrated Oracle Exadata full-stack system.

Graphics Prepare V2

With DIY infrastructure, you have to integrate and then separately manage, tune, and patch independent server, storage, and network components, which makes it significantly more expensive to manage than Exadata.


Do-it-yourself infrastructure has 300% higher operational costs than those for Oracle Exadata.

Oracle Exadata Eliminates Complexity

Oracle Exadata enables exceptional database and system consolidation, significantly simplifying IT operations and enabling enterprises to improve business agility.

Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database automate two-thirds of the operational work required for DIY Oracle Database infrastructure.

Oracle Exadata makes it easier to shift Oracle Database and application resources to the cloud by offering a choice of deployment models across on-premises environments and Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Exadata has scale-out architecture that enables greater system and database consolidation and the flexibility to grow incrementally when and how you want.

Modernize and Innovate with Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata integrates unique capabilities and operational automation that enable extreme performance, database consolidation, and significant cost savings. It empowers enterprises to modernize and drive innovative digital transformations that deliver breakthrough results and sustainable competitive advantages.