Mobile phone Mobile phone

at a Crossroads

Why it’s time for telcos to rethink their
IT infrastructure.

Industry Trends

The telecoms industry is being disrupted. Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, and communications apps like WhatsApp, are bypassing traditional networks and competing with network providers for market share. Less agile, traditional telcos—already burdened with inflexible IT infrastructure and by strict regulation—are struggling to keep up.

The Route to Growth

To compete, telcos need a solid IT infrastructure on which to build a data-driven, 5G, and streaming content-based network strategy. With 5G, telcos will be able to offer greater speed, lower latency, and better connectivity. They can also capture, manage, and monetize the huge volumes and different types of customer data they have access to.

5G Reach by 2025

1.3 billion
40% of the world’s
2.7 billion people1

Seize the Opportunity

Telcos must prepare for the future with agile, cloud-ready IT. Oracle Engineered Systems—including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle Zero Data Loss and Recovery Appliance, and more—provide a robust, cloud-ready IT infrastructure that’s available on premises as well as in the cloud.

Monetize Services with New Technologies

Telcos must find ways to monetize rising volumes of data and provide personalized services for customers. Many are using 5G, video, and Internet of Things to innovate their services.

Customer focus

Oracle helps Gansu Mobile grow its business.

China Mobile Logo

Gansu Mobile wanted to enhance the quality of its telecom services.


Gansu Mobile integrated five legacy databases onto one Oracle Exadata.

  • 30% increase in broadband internet users
  • 2x faster response time increases customer satisfaction

Optimize Operations for New Business Models

Telcos need strong back-office operations to deliver competitive, high-speed, personalized customer experiences. A cloud-based back office with integrated infrastructure minimizes costs, maximizes efficiency, and makes innovation faster and easier.

Customer focus

Telefonica simplifies IT systems.

Telefonica Logo

Telefonica Spain needed to analyze 3,200 TB of customer data.


Telefonica unified and simplified its infrastructure with Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Exalogic.

  • 90% reduction in time to market of new data sources
  • 3x more efficient use of BI infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of systems and networks

Control Data to Comply with Regulations

To comply with regulations such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), telcos need an infrastructure that has data security, scalability, agility, resilience, and processing power built in. And that’s where Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Cloud at Customer can help.

Customer focus

Oracle enhances performance and compliance at AT&T.

AT&T Logo

AT&T wanted to migrate 2,000 large-scale, mission-critical databases to Oracle Cloud.


AT&T deployed Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer.

  • Increased business agility and automation
  • Implemented databases faster, up to 100 TB
  • Secured data behind AT&T’s firewall
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A Pivotal Time for Telcos

Now is the time for telcos to reimagine the future of their business, and go after it. Start your organization’s cloud journey with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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