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Finance at a Crossroads

Why it’s time for finance companies
to rethink their IT spend.

Industry Trends

The finance industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The market is being disrupted by fintechs. Consumers are becoming more demanding, wanting better mobile experiences. And financial institutions are 300 times more likely to fall victim to cyberattacks than other industries.1

Engineered for Security and Growth

To compete, finance organizations need solid, cloud-ready infrastructure that provides data optimization and security. Oracle Engineered Systems are integrated and optimized to work with Oracle Database. They provide a cloud-ready foundation for finance companies to foster open banking collaboration and employ new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to:

Drive new efficiencies

Take new services to market quickly

Faster Application Deployment

With Oracle Engineered Systems, finance organizations can develop and deploy new applications more quickly and easily. Oracle Exadata maximizes application development efforts and enables the flow of high-quality, robust data to business applications.

Quick fact

Up to 700 app developers were 30% - 40% more productive with Oracle Exadata2

Customer focus

CaixaBank gets closer to its customers.

CaixaBank Logo

CaixaBank wanted to understand its customers better so it could target them with personalized offers and relevant services.


Implemented Oracle Exadata to integrate and analyze customer data from branches, ATMs, mobile, and online banking.

  • 360-degree understanding of customers from internal and external data
  • 39% improved click-through rate
  • 50% increased revenue

Faster Transaction Processing

With Oracle Engineered Systems, banks get workload transaction processing performance that helps them increase employee productivity, prime sales pipelines, and offer innovative solutions for customers.

Quick fact

Oracle Exadata provides 103% faster online transaction processing,2 enabling banks to increase their mobile and web banking speeds.

Customer focus

Allied Bank increases processing speeds.

Allied Bank Logo

Allied Bank had problems scaling its applications due to a high number of transactions in its online transaction processing (OLTP). This was causing delays in reporting and decision-making.


Implemented Oracle Exadata to enhance OLTP and reduce the time taken to complete close of business (COB) tasks and reports.

  • Reduced critical COB processing time by 50%
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Increased data protection and minimized risks

Security Built into Every Layer

The finance industry is a regular target for cybercriminals and when data breaches strike, they can be very costly. Understandably, this increased risk has led to increased regulation. Oracle Engineered Systems offer the most advanced security, built into every layer of the integrated setup. It can be patched all at once, and all data is encrypted, making the technology stack more secure. It also minimizes downtime and enables teams to quickly ensure everything meets compliance.

Quick fact

US$18.3 million—the average cost of cybercrime for a US company.1

Customer focus

Leading financial institution saves resources and improves security.

Bank Icon

A leading bank wanted to meet its regulatory compliance obligations and reduce the 1,392 patches it was performing over 150 systems from five different vendors.


Consolidated its technology stack down to two Oracle machines—Oracle Exadata and Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery and Appliance. This means only four patches per year, minimizing downtime and security risk.

  • More than US$200 million in savings
  • 95% reduction in patching times
  • 12x database performance
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A Pivotal Time for Finance

Now is the time for finance companies to reimagine the future of their business, and go after it. Start your organization’s cloud journey with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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