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Opportunity to Thrive

Why new technologies can revitalize healthcare organizations.

Industry Trends

The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure, caused by an aging population, rising costs, and a shortage of physicians. Organizations are also shifting to more preventative methods for managing population health, rather than simply treating people when they become ill. This change is partly in response to unequal health spending.

Quick fact

HALF of all healthcare expenditure is concentrated on just 5% of the noninstitutionalized US population.1

Building the Right Foundations

Healthcare organizations strive to provide the best, most cost-effective patient care possible. To do this, they need a business strategy built on robust infrastructure that enables them to:

Adapt and respond in real time

Get more from their data

Taking infrastructure to the next level, Oracle Engineered Systems optimize compute, storage, and network to work together. Coengineered with Oracle software, Oracle Engineered Systems offer cloud-ready integration and Oracle Database performance that generic systems can’t match.

Time to Modernize

Healthcare organizations are looking to technology to help them manage costs while ensuring patients have access to affordable care, focusing on:

Improving outcomes and better patient experiences

Increasing clinician satisfaction

Streamlining business practices

Improving organizational productivity

Customer focus

Mercer improves EasyEnroll application performance.

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Mercer wanted to increase the performance and improve the user experience of its EasyEnroll application for 7.6 million users worldwide.


Installed three Oracle Database Appliances in one day with capacity-on-demand “pay as you grow” licensing.

  • 15% improved application performance
  • 45% increased database performance
  • Easy patching with one command

Compliance Driving Systems Change

To stay compliant, healthcare organizations have been forced to upgrade their systems to meet constantly evolving regulations. The growth in healthcare data creates greater risk to data security, and privacy regulations can result in stiff penalties for those unprepared to address cyberthreats.

The most valuable system upgrades will be those that help health organizations to:

Improve patient and staff experience

Manage costs

Keep on top of regulatory requirements

Customer focus

Santa Rosa Hospital boosts patient service capacity and data security.

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Santa Rosa Hospital needed a scalable database system, along with improved data security, to meet rapid growth in patients and procedures.


Implemented Oracle Database Appliance to process patient data and prescriptions much faster and Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to eliminate the risk of data loss.

  • Doubled patient service capacity
  • Increased access to patient data from three minutes to two seconds
  • Reduced backup time from 24 hours to just 2 hours

Emerging Technologies Driving Innovation

Healthcare organizations are employing adaptive intelligence and machine learning to consolidate and analyze data to gain a better understanding of patient populations, outcomes, and costs.

Adaptive intelligence and machine learning can help with:

Early diagnosis

Prescribing effectiveness

Identification of fraud, security threats, and population risk

Remote monitoring via virtual nursing assistants

Adaptive intelligence in healthcare.

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A Pivotal Time for Healthcare

Now is the time for healthcare companies to reimagine the future of their business, and go after it. Start your organization’s cloud journey with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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