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Retail Reinvents Itself

Digital transformation and rising consumer expectations are forcing change in this fast-moving industry.

Industry Trends

Traditional retailers know that to stay relevant, they must provide tailored, unified, omnichannel customer experiences across multiple channels. They need to update the function, role, and appearance of their physical stores. And they must vastly improve supply chain efficiency. All at the same time. It’s a tall order for any business.

The New Customer Experience

The digital revolution has reshaped consumer expectations and behavior. Retailers are scrambling to keep up. According to Epsilon, 90% of customers now expect a personalized, omnichannel experience, and nearly half of shoppers will share data with retailers to get it1.

Omnichannel consumers are relatively big spenders—they represent 7% of shoppers, yet account for 27% of total sales. Compared to the single-channel consumer, the omnichannel consumer spends:2

0 more online
4 more in store

Data is Key to Success

Retailers who can quickly process and analyze consumer data to inform the personalized, omnichannel retail experiences their customers are looking for will thrive. But customer data often sits in silos; across stores, warehouses, and the rest of the supply chain. Retailers need an integrated, efficient, and highly scalable IT infrastructure to transform their operations: Oracle Engineered Systems.

Deliver Personalization at Scale

By consolidating systems into a single big data, cloud-ready infrastructure, retailers can pull together the intelligence they need to make smarter decisions. Oracle Engineered Systems generate the analytics foundation required to deliver personalization at scale. This brings together data from marketing, inventory, sales, distributors, and other pipelines like social media, to create personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

Customer focus

84.51° makes customers feel special.

84.51 Logo

84.51° needed insights from massive amounts of customer data to create personalized shopping experiences.


84.51° used Oracle Exadata with machine learning to deliver personalization at scale.

  • Analytic queries in minutes versus days
  • Shorter time to market in rolling out personalized offers

Create a Modern,
In-Store Experience

To appeal to new shoppers and evolving consumer expectations, retailers must offer more in store. For example, some are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and cognitive computing to drive people to physical stores, enhance in-store experiences, and make personalized offers pop-up on customers’ smartphones.

Customer focus

7-Eleven layers digital in store.

Telefonica Logo

7-Eleven wanted to enhance in-store experiences, by connecting with customers through digital engagement.


7-Eleven leveraged Oracle Exadata for a digital experience in 8,500 stores, as well as accounting and merchandising.

  • Customer profile and buying behavior known before they enter store
  • Customer purchases went up by almost 25% on average

Prioritize the Last Mile

As retailers fight for market share, delivery has emerged as a competitive differentiator. 70% of consumers say they won’t shop with a retailer again after a poor delivery experience, while nearly 25% of consumers say they’d pay a premium to have their orders fulfilled more quickly3.

Customer focus

Target delivers speed and convenience.

AT&T Logo

Target wanted faster application performance and delivery of online orders from more than 1,000 stores.


Target deployed Oracle Exadata and quickly rolled out ‘collect at’ or ‘ship from store’ delivery options.

  • Delivers orders faster and more reliably
  • Develops and deploys applications faster
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A Pivotal Time for Retail

Now is the time for retailers to reimagine the future of their business, and go after it. Start your organization’s cloud journey with Oracle Engineered Systems.

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