Zero downtime updates for Oracle Linux

Avoid downtime, prevent disruption, save IT administration and improve security. With Oracle’s Ksplice you can apply kernel and userspace updates to your Linux systems while they’re running. And because there’s no need for a reboot, updates take effect immediately, giving you greater flexibility and control.

Save time, pain and money

One Linux customer updates 22k servers regularly and saves more than 500 man hours every month. That's about $325k a year.1

Limit distruption and keep apps on

With Ksplice you can patch the kernel on host servers without shutting down or restarting your containers. Perfect for users that have hundreds of process or application containers deployed on a single host.

Stay secure and keep the light on

Keep your systems up to date and secure – applying updates promptly with Ksplice cuts vulnerability and keeps your business running. Heartbleed cost industry $500M.2

Quickly check your updates status

Before rolling out network updates, you can view and manage the current status of Ksplice on all your systems using a browser, API or SNMP.


Ksplice works perfectly in virtual environments. And there’s no need to reboot Linux virtual machines after applying security updates, diagnostic patches, and critical bug fixes.

Be a smarter (or more popular) datacenter manager

250,0003 systems protected and 4million reboots saved to date, Ksplice is rapidly becoming a system administrator’s best tool for keeping Linux systems up to date.

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