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And welcome to the third of our quarterly EMEA Systems Marketing newsletters. It’s a new fiscal year, so what do we have in store for our Sales and Partner teams?
Keep track of forthcoming events in your region using our event calendar, and take a look at our new keynote presentation, exploring Oracle’s role in Team USA’s iconic Americas Cup success.
We’ve also been looking ahead to forthcoming EU GDPR legislation, and how it will affect your customers. And finally, myself and John Fowler discuss the hottest Systems Marketing topics for the coming fiscal period.
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Hot off the Press!
  Use this new keynote presentation to show your customers how Oracle's digital transformation and data analytics are helping Oracle Team USA to succeed. The presentation also explores how this relationship helps boost our own brand identity.  
Are you ready for GDPR?
Martien Ouwens and Paul Flannery review the impending EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) articles. Presenting slides that you can share with your customers, they describe how Oracle Systems and Storage capabilities can help with the latest compliance.
FY18 Messaging.
John Fowler and I discuss the Systems marketing messages Oracle should focus on for FY18. We talk about how messages centered on technology, business, and brand association appeal to influencers and decision makers from different backgrounds, and how Oracle’s security message will open many doors.
Engineered Systems, Exadata, Cloud, and preparing for GDPR.
Henrique Zacarias, IT Director, NOS, explains why Portugal’s largest communications and entertainment group runs 90% of its most critical apps on Oracle technology. He also looks at how partnering with Oracle is helping with preparations for GDPR and other data challenges.
John Fowler and Marshall Choy tour EMEA.
Catch up with John Fowler and Marshall Choy as they host executive dinners, partner events, customer one-to-ones, and press interviews across EMEA.
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